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Judy E Borland, Certified Trainer, CEO

Through years of working as a purchaser for a college, a bookkeeper, a trainer, and consultant, I gained valuable knowledge of bookkeeping from handwritten ledgers to producing financial statements for investors.

I then had the opportunity from a 7-UP bottling plant to become a computer operator and programmer.

I was trained by IBM to run System 32,36, and 34's thru mainframe computerized accounting systems. In the 80's I then went on to program and operate to what today is the PC and Networking world. I traveled the country training and implementing accounting systems in government, agriculture, non-profit and many other types of businesses.

I went back to college and received my BA in Computer Science while working as the IT Manager and Project Manager for a CPA firm, where I am today.

AtlanTech Solutions was born in 1997 to support computerized accounting systems, repair data and train bookkeepers and business owners on accounting software. I am a certified Computer Technology Trainer CTT+, Advanced Intuit ProAdvisor since 1998, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Why do I do this? Because I love to learn and I am passionate to share my experiences to help others to enrich themselves by teaching.